NT ch 5 Five Force Scroll by AmethystBeloved

Five Force Scroll, by Amethyst Beloved

"The Five Force Scroll" is the fifth official chapter of The New Trials of Cardcaptor Sakura, Syaoran, and Friends.

Plot Summary Edit

Transforming the forces in new cards has started to take its toll on Sakura who is feeling drained when she awoke on Sunday. Nonetheless, she still is set on her plans to bake for Yukito who is visiting. The Five Force Scroll flashes as a vision in her head. At the Lis', Meilin is helping Syaoran with his injuries and sends him over to Sakura's with healing herbs. At the Kinomotos', Syaoran and Kinomoto Touya come face to face and the hostility is still there. As Sakura kicks her brother out and invites Syaoran in, he too has a vision of the Five Force Scroll. Sakura's weariness is noticeable in the kitchen with several mishaps that makes her restart her baking. When Sakura goes in the basement to replace the china tea set she broke, she stumbles on her mother's old chest that was unlocked with her key. Syaoran and Kero-chan join her and after discovering the Five Force Scroll, everything turns black and they all were whisked back in time.

The group finds themselves in the schoolyard with cousins Amamiya Nadeshiko and Sonomi when they were Sakura's age. They overhear Nadeshiko tell Sonomi about her dream about a man name Clow Reed telling her to find the Five Force Scroll in order to lead her to the Clow book and keep it safe for the Clow Mistress. She bumps into a strange man who left before she could see his face. The three of them are brought back to the present where Touya brings Yukito over and Syaoran takes his leave, forgetting his jacket. With new information of the past, Sakura begins to think of her mother as Nadeshiko (since she is Sakura's age). When Sakura retrieves the scroll after Kero-chan reminds her collect it, everything turns black.[1]

References Edit

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