The Haunting by NewTrials

The Haunt, by Digidynasty

The Haunt is the third dark force introduced in New Trials of Cardcaptor Sakura and Friends . It was captured by Sakura in Chapter 3: Of Ghosts and Statues and Quarrels.


As a thunderstorm rages on, Sakura , Syaoran , Meilin prepare to face a dark force, with Tomoyo tagging along. A ghostly figure then swoops down at Syaoran, only to be vaporized by a slash from his sword. As another ghost swoops at Meilin, Syaoran rushes over and brings her down to the ground to avoid the attack. Sakura, though utterly frightened, bring out the Light and blinds the Haunt, temporarily paralyzing it. Catching the open opportunity, Sakura seals the Haunt.


Appearance: A gaseous, ghostly figure with no defined shape or body.

Abilities/Powers: Ability to create a "scary" atmosphere with clouds, heavy rain, and lightning. Ability to frighten people very easily. Ability to vanish into thin air and reappear.

Weakness: Light